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Whitehouse Residences D10

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Novelty Group, a name always accompanied by design finesse and building innovation rarefied by the quality that invites only approbation. Long established as one of the foremost luxury developers amongst an elite few in Asia.

Novelty Group is one that continually pushes the boundaries of the standard to deliver more distinctive, sustainable high-end residential living, within or outside of prominent districts.

One that does not just stop at creating landmark masterpieces. It maintains momentum in revolutionizing residential living to reach new levels of luxury. from its diverse collection of groundbreaking developments that defy trends, many are stylish and coveted icons that have attained unprecedented recognition.

Apart from its property developments with multi-billion dollar turnover till date.Novelty Group is also a business entity that has made it’s mark in the Electronics, Hotel, Manufacturing. Construction and Trading sectors. It is set to become an important influence that benefits every individual’s way of life.

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