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Watercove D27 Freehold Strata Landed


117 Wak Hassan Drive 757600

Watercove D27 Freehold Strata Landed

Watercove Units Mix

Unit Type No. of Unit Unit Size
Inter Terrace Houses 54 3412 - 3541 sqft
Corner Terrace Houses 22 3337 - 4521 sqft
Semi-Detached Houses 4 3434 - 3843 sqft

Watercove Typical Floor Plans

Terrace Houses

The terrace houses offer the finest in privacy and interaction, with great front and back frontages and convenient access to the development facilities. Besides physical space, air and water are in great abundance. The high ceilings and expansive windows ensure excellent air circulation and bring in the refreshing sea breeze. Every residence is graced with the beauty and possibilities of water, whether it is the seafront, swimming pool, water play area or elegant water features.


Corner Terrace

The Corner Terraces are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for the finest in exclusivity and privacy. This most limited offering of residences bring luxury living to the next level and open up the possibilities for your desired lifestyle.


Semi-Detached Houses

4 exclusive semi-detached houses are the ultimate in luxury. Enjoy excellent front, back and side frontage for views from most of your home, including pool views for one of the units, and unparalleled spaciousness.


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