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The Flow Commercial D15 Freehold


66 East Coast Road Singapore 428778

The Flow Commercial D15 Freehold

Individual Kitchen Supply and Exhaust Duct will be provided to the Restaurants and Food Court. Kitchen hoods, kitchen supply and exhaust fans within the Restaurant or Food court shall be installed by the purchaser. The Kitchen exhaust system installed by the purchaser must be designed to remove oil, smoke and odour, preventing them from becoming a nuisance and inconvenience to the neighbours. This may be achieved by installing UV-C light and carbon filter to the kitchen exhaust hood. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to comply with NEA requirements for air discharge.

The Flow at East Coast Unit Mix

  Ceiling Height Restaurants Retail Shops Medical Clinics
TOTAL 56 10 + FC* 34 11
Basement 4.38m 1 + FC* 2
1 & 2 Floor 6.3m LOFT 4 2
3 & 4 Floor 6.3m LOFT 1 17
5 & 6 Floor 6.3m LOFT 4 13
7th Floor 3.15m 11

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