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The Tre Ver D13 99yrs Leasehold TOP2022


Potong Pasir Avenue 1, District 13 Singapore

The Tre Ver D13 99yrs Leasehold TOP2022

The Tre Ver Site Plan

2nd and 3rd Storey Plan


8th Storey Plan


The Tre Ver Facilities

The Tre Ver. Trees River Home

"The natural landscape that surrounds The Tre Ver extends into the development. The blue of the river and the beauty of the raintrees are integrated with the design. What you get are homes that are planted on a beautiful landscape rather than built on just a hard, concrete surface." Wong Mun Summ WOHA Architects, The Tre Ver

Home By The River

The Tre Ver brings together the best of worlds. Home by the river, and by the city. A private sanctuary for the family, with a shared sense of community. Man and nature coexisting in harmony. This is riverfront living at its best.


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