From O-level failure to millionaire at 29, on a policy of honesty first

2024 · 02 · 26

He’s known for his campaigns to tackle the world's sanitation problems. But Jack Sim also used to work on a construction site, and founded lucrative businesses to make a fortune.

He is “Mr Toilet Man” to many, and well known for being the founder of the World Toilet Organisation.

But few know that Singaporean toilet activist Jack Sim is a shrewd businessman, retired property developer and self-made millionaire who came from a poor family, failed his O levels and went on to own 15 properties.

He was even a construction site supervisor once, but not a particularly good one. “I supervised construction workers, but I didn’t know how to do this job, so my work was really shabby,” recalled the 62-year-old.


Adapted from CNA 22 Jun 2019